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Groove or Groove 2 – Music Player (stylized as Groove2) is another default Music App substitute. Groove comes with automatic playlist creation which is perfect for those who have loads of tunes on their iPad and iPhone.

Groove requires internet connection, it automatically fetches information from to create multiple playlists on-the-fly along with displayed images. And if you still cannot choose among several mixes, Groove provides special buttons called; “Groovy Mix”, “Surprise Me”, “Favorites”, and “Three of a Kind”. Hit one of them and be surprised.

Full screen player looks elegantly minimalistic. Bottom panel allows user to scroll through entire playlist and just tap on desire track, the song will start playing instantly.

Groove fetches artist’s biography from and displays albums and tracks by that particular artist stored on the device.

Groove supports scrobbling. User can send tweet about the current song to their timeline, it also automatically uploads album’s cover.

Groove 2 – Music Player is a universal app works on both iPad and iPhone developed by Zikera. It is now selling at $3.99 on iTunes App Store.