grace of my heart

grace of my heart

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i have no idea how many people have watched such an inspiring film called ‘grace of my heart.’ i first saw this film on hbo a few years ago. the story is about an aspiring artist denise waverly who has a dream that one day she’ll be a great singer, but she is not a beautiful girl nor has distinctive voice which seems to be a requirement for music industry. however she can compose her own materials, and the record label wants her songs for their singers to sing, so she instead ends up writing & producing songs for others. in the film, we’ll see her life through good & bad, ups and downs, and the incidents that inspire her to write songs. her story is very touching, compelling, and so moving. all the songs in it are also incredibly good.

written & directed by allison anders, accompanied by an excellent cast illeana douglas (if you’ve seen the film picture perfect or stir of echoes, you might remember her) in this film she amazingly portrays the role of denise waverly, especially in the scene where she’s in the studio performing her sensational tune titled ‘god give me strength.’ it’s just so emotional, so captivating with indescribable feelings.

the moment i finished watching its end-credit, i logged on to internet and ordered both dvd and cd soundtrack instantly. this film is deserved to be seen as much as possible! it’s kind of a good film that most people never heard of… unfortunately, the song ‘god give me strength’ in the soundtrack is another version performed by burt bacharach & elvis costello who brilliantly wrote that song in the first place.

after googling for a second, i finally found that the version featuring in the film is not the voice of illeana douglas. then i found the right one… voilà, god give me strength performed by kirsten vigard, for your listening pleasure. also don’t forget check youtube for the amazing clip.

god give me strength ~lyrics off ▼

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★☆ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★½ overall

movie: grace of my heart | director: allison anders | release: 1996

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  • I have seen this film several years ago in german pay tv and when i listend the first time to her voice i all in love. It is a great film!!! My favorit song from this movie is “A boat on tha sea” also performed by Kirsten Vigard.

  • My dear friend, Christy McBrayer, introduced me to this movie…and I bought it without seeing it first. It’s an amazing movie that moved me to tears…it’s special, and it takes a special person to truly connect with the film. Denise Waverly’s character–she grabs your heart and never lets go. She becomes a part of you, pure and simple, with no apologies. This is true life, true soul–and certainly we experience true grace upon watching. :?

  • You`re absolutely right!I watched this film severl months ago and suddenly,while turning over the tv chanells,I came across it today.It`s an amazing film,that leaves very strong impression.I started searching for it in the net (actually i didn`t even know its name,only the director`s one and the year – 1996),I didn`t found much information.
    But I loved the soundtrack! I have never enjoyed a film music so much.Incredible film! [idea]

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