final fantasy xii potion

final fantasy xii potion

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square-enix in collaboration with suntory will launch their new stuff called 「ポーション」(potion), an actual softdrink that contains nutritional supplements which supposedly helps the drinker to regain strength. “potion” will be promoted alongside with the game final fantasy XII to be on sale in march next year. [nolisten]
by the way, has just been revamped, check it out.

  • Cool!

    Soon enough, there would be “hi-potion,” “x-potion,” “ether” and “elixir” available in the market. I wanna try “elixir” to see if it could rejunevate your health as in the game… [tongue]

    By the way, how much will a bottle of “potion” cost?

  • Fortunately, they don’t try to sell ether. But I want to see real ‘Phoenix Down’ for once.

  • ไว้กินเพิ่มพลังเหรอค่ะน้า

  • I rather want “MP Potion” so i can cast a spell and call out demons. [tongue] [ishock] [ismile] [itongue]

  • เจ๋ง!!!

    คนอยู่ญี่ปุ่นแท้ๆ ไม่รู้ข่าวเลย -_-“

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