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once in a while, splendid stuff like this came along…
realised by nordpol+hamburg for epuron (germany). this piece won the golden lion for best film advertising spot at the international advertising festival in cannes this year. // and dove evolution got the grand prix!

you might want to go check interesting ads at the international advertising festival website. here are some of my favorites; human rights awareness (amazing), nike women (pretty), bud light (funny), vaseline (beautiful), lux (lovely), cingular (hilarious), and levi’s :D

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  • finally i watched all of your reccomendation.

    my favorite ads in ranking
    1. nike woman
    2. lux
    3. human right awareness, epuron
    4. bud light, levi and cingular
    5. vaseline (actually i hardly like this ads)

    by the way, i think you forget to add link for “cingular” so i searched in that web to watch.

    thanks for this kind of things.
    very enjoyable! [ooo]

  • cotton:
    thank you for reminding. the link is actually there but i typed the wrong tag, instead of href i put hfref… silly me.

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