The Big Machine (Émilie Simon)

The Big Machine (Émilie Simon)

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The Big Machine | Émilie Simon (2009) ★★★★★
Fourth studio album by my beloved Émilie Simon. Her music never ceases to amaze me with innovative and amazing skill in music creation. The entire album is in English, unlike her previous studio albums. Lead single from the album is “Rainbow” followed by “Dreamland”. However the album does not do well in international market, may be it is not material that everyone can embrace easily. But what can I say, this album is fantastic.

The album contains 12 tracks as follows; 1. Rainbow 2. Dreamland 3. Nothing To Do With You 4. Chinatown 5. Ballad of The Big Machine 6. Cycle 7. Closer 8. Devil At My Door 9. Rocket to the Moon 10. Fools Like Us 11. Way I See You 12. This is Your World

Normally I hate digipak because it is made of paper and very difficult to keep it in pristine condition. But The Big Machine’s package is exceptionally creative and beautiful!

And not just the package, the CD itself is also incredibly gorgeous too. The disc is matte black color with glossy silhouette of giant squid, the back of the CD is also glossy black surface like original PlayStation disc.