dragon quest viii

dragon quest viii

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kingdom hearts ii will be released at the end of this month in japan :o
dragon quest viii u.s. edition is shipped with playable final fantasy xii demo disc :o

i just start to play dragon quest viii : journey of the cursed king. now i’m on level 4

  • for the first time i can see my characters in the battle field.
  • for the first time i can hear monster’s scream.
  • for the first time monsters can bounce, move and jump in three dimension!
  • for the first time characters can talk with real voice.
  • the color is bright, nice, and vivid.
  • the music in the field sounds amazingly grand.
  • the music during the night and day are different.
  • the orginal sound like text redereing and pointer moving are still there.
  • monsters are very cute, especially “drackie” and “candy cat”.
  • resurrection and banishing can be done only in church, just like the old days.
  • cursed king throde’s voice sounds like “yoda” speaking with correct grammar.
  • cursed princess is like a ghost, i can hear her in the field but i can’t see her.
  • อยากเล่น แต่ยังไม่ซื้อ PS2 เลย ราคามันเท่าไรแล้วนะ แล้วเกมตกแผ่นละเท่าไรกัน [tongue][itongue]

  • I wanna play DQ8 U.S. edition too, the problem is my PS2 console just couldn’t read pirated disc properly anymore. I guess I might have to buy a new console (too expensive) or buy a copyrighted game (far more expensive than “too expensive.”) [evil]

  • My level is 12-13 now, but I wonder when I’ll have time to pick it up again after this long weekend.

    Voice acting is nice to have, but I think it’s a bit weird. Many british and eastern europe (or indian, I’m not too sure. Hear for your self from the fortune teller’s daughter) voices were used to project different clans or species.

    It’s cute nonotheless, and the pace is getting better after the very slow start. loving it. :)

  • ยินดีด้วยนะ-_-

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