dead hitachi harddrive

dead hitachi harddrive

150 150 *pradt

my harddrive crashed. the macbook refused to start up.
everything’s gone, fried. oh well. damn hitachi harddrive.
maybe it’s a sign for starting over? [cry]

  • fried? try the lab at cu building yet? if your data is worth that.

  • o__O

    If I remember correctly, you’ve just changed to this harddrive for a year. How come it go too soon?

    Now I’m worried about mine since I just changed my mac harddrive to be the same brand as yours a few months ago.

    Good luck for attempt to take back the data. [twisted]

  • hdd ของผมก็เพิ่งจะตายมาเมื่อไม่นานนี่เอง [sick] นึกแล้วช้ำชอก

  • time to switch to SSD !

  • no wonder why your blog ‘ve not been update recently, any fan of your blog seems worried with you and worried with ourselves , it might happen to us.

  • @rathwjj
    is it expensive? are they gonna dissect my hdd and void the warranty?

    yes… hitachi is dead :( that’s okay i have some parts of my data on another harddrive. the rest i just have to rebuild them from scratch.

    it’s tragic incident. i’ll start using timemachine this week!

    my macbook is supported ssd? anyway there’s no 500gb ssd… even if there is, it would be extremely expensive.

    thanks for stopping by. yea i can’t do nothing without the harddrive. it was devastating.

  • มี toshiba 120 GB ไม่ได้ใช้ อยู่ หน่วยนึง เอามั้ย

  • for the warranty it depend on your harddisk. their number 082-782-5741, 082-782-5742 website

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