dan brown’s boxset

dan brown’s boxset

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yesterday and today i had to go to siam paragorn because the company i’m currently working with just open the showroom overthere. siam paragon is not yet completely open, there’re several shops still underder construction. (they’ll be charged by “day multiplied by square meter” for the delay)

kinokuniya also open another shop in siam paragon. i believe it’s their largest shop in thailand, or even in asia. [drool] and for 9-12 december, everybody who buys any books from kinokuniya siam paragon’s branch will get 20% off (10% off for magazine) i got myself a dan brown’s boxset (uk version) for 832 baht ( includes “digital fortress”, “deception point”, “angels and demons”, and “the da vinci code”). should i get the illustrated version of “the da vinci code” too?

  • what wrong with u ?
    walk around showcase 1 hour … still confuse [sick]

  • อย่าลืมไปดูตู้ปลายักษ์ด้วยนะครับ 450 บาทเอง[tongue]

  • You’re lucky that your Dan Brown’s Collection is under their campaign. As I intended to buy Thai ver. Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince, sorry it was their agreement with Thai licensee. HP6 was not applicable with the campaign.[evil][evil]So what’s a storewide discount!!!

  • may be hp6 is too new, so the publisher doesn’t agree to give discount to that title.

    rich people went to see siam ocean world. just pay 450 baht then you can witness lives in a torture chamber filled with water. i feel terrible.

  • yep, I think the same with [wat] that Nanmee doesn’t want to make special price for any bookshop.

    For the illustrated version of Da vinci code, if you have enough money I suggest you should get it na :-D

  • so you have to feel terrible for all the “fish tank” around the world.
    (esp. in Japan there are many!!)

  • Talking about Dan Brown’s Box-set…

    It’s like a slap in the face for those who bought all the books separately, including me. I paid full price for each book. Even if I want to have only an empty case to hold my collections, it isn’t sold separately. [furious]

    As for illustrated version, I suggest you get a hold of both “Angels & Demon” and “The Da Vinci Code.” You’ll know when you read the book that a picture speaks for thousand words…

  • It’s very cool boxset na..even I’ve already bought Thai version already. [twisted]

  • hey, sunny you didn’t feel hurt na think in another way you have read them before [wat] na eiei [tongue]

  • เพิ่งอ่าน davin ci code จบไปอ่ะ มันส์ดี อยากดูหนังเร็วๆจังเงิงเอย [drool]

  • for my opinion siam ocean world it’s great, i believe u will see another world that u haven’t seen before.

  • เพิ่งรู้ว่า Davinci Code แบบหนังจอ มีออเดรย์ ทาถู เล่นด้วย น่าดูขึ้นอีกเยอะ [tongue]

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