Creative D200

Creative D200

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First released in 2010, Creative D200 is an affordable Bluetooth speaker which looks good and sound great for its price. The speaker design is simple, clean and glossy solid. D200 is not really a portable speaker because it does not contain internal battery therefore it requires power from wall adapter.

iStudio and .life are selling it at 3,990 baht. Luckily, they ran out of stock so I got one from Pantip Plaza for 3,250 baht. Since it is a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it with any Bluetooth enabled devices from Notebook computer to cellphone. Pairing device is super easy, just pressing the dedicated Bluetooth button located on the top of D200 until it begins to blink continuously then you can pair it up with your device. D200 also comes with standard 3.5mm auxiliary input on the back for those who want to use it with 3.5mm cable.

Integrated bass port at the rear is the best thing in D200 for the love of heart-thumping low frequencies. It actually makes Jawbone Jambox sounds weak. (But of course Jambox is a lot lighter, Jambox has built-in battery and beautiful design by Yves Béhar.)

The good:
Solid design speaker bar with integrated bass port.
Considerably good value for its price tag.
It produces sound a lot bigger than its look.

The bad:
The volume is reset to lowest every time the power is off. It does not memorize.
No internal battery, without electricity you cannot do nothing with it.