cloud’s phone

cloud’s phone

150 150 *PRADT

what can i say? i believe every final-fantasy-fan wishes to have one!

this panasonic cellphone p900iv was released last year, long before the launch of final fantasy advent children dvd. you proabably have seen this phone in the trailers already.

the standard p900iv comes with 2 mega pixels camera width 12x digital zoom, high resolution video player, av output terminal, and expandable memory slot.

the special p900iv packs with pre-install final fantasy game :shock: plus ringtones & melodies from the original sound of final fantasy advent children. but that’s not it, the phone also features three built-in characters (cloud, aerith, and tifa) with several expressions.

  • โอ้ว…พระเจ้า

  • Oh! It’s pre-installed with the game! I wonder what kind of game would it be on this panasonic mobile phone.

  • if you click the link special p900iv, you’ll see some screenshots. pretty nice! i think it’s final fantasy iv.

  • Oh, I see. As I visited the official website of Panasonic P900iv, it’s clear that the pre-installed game is indeed the classic “Final Fantasy” – the first ever in the series, the one that started it all – quite a perfect choice.

  • i reckon it’d be best if they could put FF7 game in it.. but that’s probably asking for too much..

    just saw the movie about an hour ago and i thought everything in the movie was pretty futuristic apart from the mobile phones the characters were using.. a bit odd and out of place.. so bingo.. they were made for sale.. smart SquareEnix..

  • I want this phone but i cant find it anywhere where can i buy one NOW, NOW, NOW, ok im sorry but seriously how can i purchase one of this.

  • i like to but one too
    it look cool [ismile] [ismile] [ismile] [ismile]

  • i like to buy one

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