celestial speakers

celestial speakers

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this is definitely one of the coolest loudspeaker ever! on the right, you’ll see “campanile” (it’s italian means bell tower, though it’s made by german company :))

acapella campanile is a sealed 3.5-way loudspeaker system. four 25cm (10inch) woofers are working in separate chambers and cannot influence each other. fine adjustments to the ion tweeter and the midrange horn unit can be made in order to adapt the loudspeaker to every acoustical environment. from a solo wind instrument to ensemble of a symphony orchestra with conviction the campanile speaker system will bring you that much closer to the real experience with their exceptional depth and dynamics.

all reviews said it’s a wonderful exceptional loudspeakers. however its price tag is quite scary. campanile costs $75,000 (~3,085,875 baht [sick][sick][sick])

another one is top-of-the-line (yea, even bigger, better and more expensive that the previous one) this is “sphäron excalibur”

the sphäron excalibur is developed from the “classical” sphäron, the new excalibur is raising to a new standard of dimension and variability. two towering pillars with four huge 15 inches woofers for each unit now are taking over the part of the low frequency horn unit. the music will be reproduced three-dimensional, thus giving you the illusion to be a member of the orchestra or the band. from the softest, perceptible sounds, these loudspeaker sculptures can accelerate the music like lightning, comparable only with the spurt of a racing car.

if you’re a music lover and has loads of money to spare. this is great choice! it is acapella’s top-of-the-line speaker and is simply without parallel. sphäron excalibur costs $325,000 (~13,372,125 baht) and approximately weights 620 kilograms [sick][sick][sick][sick] // for more information visit: acapella audio arts

  • If I were a millionaire, I wouldn’t spend my money for these “celestial” speakers. I think my ears aren’t “celestial” enough. The sound coming out of these speakers or any other “consumer’s” speakers would probably be the same for me anyway.

  • It’s look like an Alien. Not Interesting in anyway.

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