150 150 *PRADT

have you seen sony bravia’s new stop-motion ad?
also you might want to check out the incredibly wicked website!

p.s. please make sure that your computer is packed up with a few gigabytes of ram, possibly along with parallel processors and a very very fast internet connection before entering

  • very impressive site.
    thanks for the links! [ismile]

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2007.10.05 at 10:42

    er.. since you mentioned about very fast internet speed.. and i saw only some quotes and facts from the website..

    did you see the same?

    anyway, those are nice.. and interesting.. their comparisons are creative. [ooo]

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt®:
    that’s the pre-loader of the website, displaying in loops until the whole thing is completely loaded. when it’s done, you’ll see… (i just added a screen capture of what inside looks like… simply amazing)

  • so cool! i like the ads along with the song [twisted]

    anyway due to your warning about sony website, i don’t want to go there [huh] ha ha

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