BIG + BIH 2005

BIG + BIH 2005

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yesterday i went to BIG & BIH 2005 (bangkok international gift fair + bangkok international houseware fair) which takes place at IMPACT from 17-22 October 2005. exhibit product includes artificial flowers/plants and potpourri, christmas decorative items/candles, gift, decorative items and handicrafts, home textile and fabric decorative items, household products, and others. there’re more than 900 exhibitors there with hundreds of cool products. today is the last day, so if you want to see some creative stuff… just be there. [shy]

i got myself a “thai numberal : leatherette notebook” from practical (well, its thai name is kinda cute “บริษัท ภาคปฏิบัติ จำกัด” [hihi] ) it’s a notebook with leather cover. the number is engraved on the leather cover along with several vocabularies. according to the seller (or designer?) he said the vocabularies represent the related meanings of the specific number engraved on the cover. there’re 9 numbers to choose from ๑ – ๙. unfortunately they don’t make my favorite number 13. i had no choice but to buy number ๙ [nolisten]

they also have little black book which i really like. all the pages in that notebook are black papers. but i don’t like its hardcover, they should make a softcover version or leather cover may be.

  • ยังไงก็สู้เล่มสีดำของผมไม่ได้หรอกนะ อุ อุ[lol]

  • You could buy number “1” and “3” and place them together to form the number “13.” [cool]

  • อืม สวยแฮะ … ไม่ซื้อมาฝากเราบ้างเรอะ[drool]

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