Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber

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try and envisage the sound of galaxies rotating, the sound of a forest after a thunderstorm, or the sound of an infinite cave where sound never dissipates fully. that is echodub’s euphonious calling…

echodub presents anechoic chamber.
the first release… 20 tracks, 14 producers.
full of dubstep and dub-techno from the chilled, deeper ends of the spectrum.


anechoic chamber | various artists (2008) ★★★★☆
echodub is a small, collective of producers and artists include; absense, kwality, vishnu, indigo, furesshu, sines, dfrnt, foiledtorsos, hxdb, solar constant, king slaff, akena, substep infrabass, tangka.

anechoic chamber is the first free digital release from echodub containing 20 tracks of chill, electronic, techno, ambient music available for download now from encoded with highest mp3 quality (320kbps). the covers and digital booklet are included.

you can hear some of the tracks above, i have selected three brilliant tracks for people who want to know the feel of the anechoic chamber; doug wilson (kwality), surface (dfrnt), and silent q (hxdb).


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