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50/50 | Jonathan Levine (2011) ★★★★★
50/50 is a dark comedy/drama film. The story depicts the life of a man named Adam who lives with his girlfriend. Kyle is Adam’s co-worker and also his best friend since high-school. Kyle dislikes Adam’s girlfriend. Well in fact, Kyle has never liked any of Adam’s girlfriends.

One day Adam goes to see doctor because of his persistent back pain and the doctor diagnoses that he has a rare type of cancer called Schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma. Adam has to undergo chemotherapy in order to reduce the size of tumor before the doctor can operate the surgery procedure to remove the cancer. Adam searches for information and finds that he has 50% chance of surviving.

It is the kind of film about life delivering such emotional and sensational messages which will make you laugh and cry at the perfect moment when it is supposed to be. Hail to the brilliant performance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt which once again has never failed to impress. He should be nominated for Oscar! Accompanied by amazing cast Anjelica Huston and Seth Rogen. Actually it is the first time that I feel Seth Rogen is genuinely funny for his role.

50/50 is now showing at House RCA.
Extremely recommended.