will & grace

will & grace

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will & grce is an american sitcom, originally broadcast in 1998. the show takes place in new york, focusing on will truman, a gay lawer and his best friend, the interior designer, grace adler. the story also involves with their friends, karen walker, a rich socialite who works as adler’s assistant but she never really does anything, and jack mcfarland, a gay actor/singer/dancer/etc.

so the story is pretty much involving with these four main characters, and sometimes with special guests (which is considerably normal for sitcom) there are several gags which are funny as hell, although there are also some of the gags, i don’t even understand. overall it’s a fun to watch sitcom.

season one starts with the event when grace gets an unexpected marriage and seeks out will’s opinion which leads to her breakup. later, she moves in to live with will.
many thanks to james for the series!

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  • This is one of my favorite series that I started watching the re-run again and again here in the States.


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