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whiteout is a thriller film based on comic book of the same name. the film tells the story of a u.s. deputy marshal in antarctica who have to investigate on a bizarre murder case, the first one in antarctica. as she is digging into the scene, she discovers the mystery buried under the ice.

the only good thing in this film is the visual effects. actually i started to have bad feelings after seeing several flashback scenes. then it gets worse. the thrill is there but the heart of the plot is so lame, plain stupid. this kind of story can be happen anywhere, this time it just happens in the most isolated landmass of planet earth. weak! please try avoid it at all cost, unless you have plenty of time to spare.

★★★☆☆ acting
★★★☆☆ actors/casting
★★★★☆ music/sound effect
★★★☆☆ direction/composition
☆☆☆☆☆ overall

movie: whiteout | director: dominic sena | release: 2009

  • โอว ว่าจะดูซะหน่อย อุตส่าห์สร้างจากการ์ตูนดัง กับได้นางเอกสุดสวย แถมผู้กำกับก็เคยทำหนังมันส์ๆ ที่เราเคยชอบ หมดกัน T_T

  • หึ ว่าจะไปดู Kate ซะหน่อย

    ขอบคุณที่ทำให้เราไม่ต้องผจญกับหนังนรก :P

  • @rerngrit @thanr
    ah, as i said the thrill was there… some people might like it. ghrr… i even guess the mysterious objects correctly right in the middle of the movie. and in the end i was like “this is it?!” (in the opposite meaning of michael jackson’s this is it film) anyway kate is beautiful and the special effects is quite good.

  • เห็นด้วยทุกอย่างครับ
    เพราะผมเสีย 170 ไปดูหนังเรื่องนี้มา..เสียดายเงินมากครับ

  • For me, it’s only worth watching kate [shy]

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