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where you are

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a few days back. my friend, mr. saranont had visited and left a comment on this site. i haven’t heard from him for a big while. his online presence seems to be invisible to my eyes, lol. he’s now studying, living, and probably working too in usa. well, last time that he got back in bkk, he gave me a call, but we didn’t get to meet. may be next time we will. :) anyway i only know his address so i use google earth to locate where he’s living now. the result is showing in the photo above this message. google earth is pretty cool, don’t you think? :D and oh, his site contains serveral interesting projects. i’ll talk about it later :)
  • Hi Wat, actually if you want to contact me, just mail to me…
    Don’t need to spend time to track my apartment’s roof like this. ^__^

    Anyway, I really want to see the next step of Google Earth. I think it’s should be great if someone put this kind of program into cellphone, and the users can track the locations of their friends on the map.

  • i wonder if paid-version can provide clearer and sharper images… like in the movie “enemy of the state”! :)

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