where dreams run free

where dreams run free

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annie leibovitz has returned once again to continue her work on disney’s year of a million dreams.
so far we’ve already seen six images as i mentioned in dazzling dreams, and where dreams come true.

two new images are from disney animated feature, aladdin, where whoopi goldberg portraying the almighty genie, jennifer lopez as princess jasmine and marc anthony as diamond in the rough, aladdin.

supermodel gisele bündchen gliding across the room as wendy darling towards peter pan portrayed by mikail baryshnikov, and tina fey is flying high above as tinker bell. lastly, my beloved actress jessica biel is running freely like wind in the wild as pocahotas.

is it just me, or my feeling that i like less and less of this campaign. i don’t think that jennifer lopez is suitable for princess jasmine nor her husband marc anthony as aladdin. also i dislike this version of peter pan, it’s like hook has come back to haunt me again. [sick]

as usual, wallpapers are available for download as you wish.
pocahontas (1600 / 1280 / 1280w), peter pan (1600 / 1280 / 1280w) , aladdin (1600 / 1280 / 1280w)

  • สวยงาม [twisted]

  • peter pan สวยนะ aladin ดูแหม่งๆ อ่ะ จินนี่น่าจะเป็น ช นิ ส่วนเจ๊เจโล กะสามีนี่ไม่มี ค.ห. [sick]

  • ทำลิงค์สลับกัน 1600 ของ peter pan กับ aladdin อะ

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