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these are no ordinary water… ?

antipodes – the water comes from a deep 500 to 1000ft deep pressured aquifer and has a residency of about 50 years while filtering through a sub strata of ignimbrite. the area of recharge for the aquifer is the rotoma hills, new zealand (the price is around $10)

bling h2o – the source of the water lies hidden in a quiet hollow surrounded by 120 acres of virgin forest. the spring is located approximately 60 miles west of nashville, tennessee near the sleepy little town of vanleer. the site is as pristine as it was 200 years ago. the water is bottled straight from the source, so it is never exposed to outside air until the point at which it goes into the bottle. the one decorated with swarovaski crystals costs around $35.99 in ebay

malavella – a natural mineral water with carbon dioxide, a water of thermal origin emerging in caldes de malavella, spain. its mineral qualities give it a unique and original personality.

lauquen – the source of the water is the permanent ice and rain purified by the andes mountains, argentina. from the 1,500 ft deep aquifer the water for lauquen emerges at a constant temperature of 39 degree farhenheit and with a unique composition of minerals.

eauzone – its source lies deep in a wooded irish valley known only to the eauzone team. the place is undetectable from land or air and over thousands of years the source has lain hidden from man. it was discovered in 2003 and immediate action was taken to bottle the water.

finé – its pristine aquifer located 600m (2,100 ft) below the fuji volcanic belt in japan. from it’s beginnings as rain water, finé slowly makes it’s way through hundreds of meters of volcanic rock that act as a natural purifying filter and also imbue it with a special blend of minerals that give it, it’s distinct taste before coming to rest in the remote underground aquifer. the finé water bottled today is over a thousand years old and has never been in contact with man made pollutants that can easily affect mineral waters that come from much shallower wells and springs. ($6 per bottle)

wattwiller – this water has one of the longest pedigrees of any water. a water that is believed to have a “soul” , it was discovered by the romans during their reign over the area now known as alsace, france.

kona nigari – the deep sea water is pumped from the natural energy laboratory of hawaii authority pipeline, which extends 2,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. a small bottle of kona nigari sells for $33.50

kona deep – the pinnacle of all deep seawaters. it is bottled at the source in kona, hawaii. drawn only from the 3,000 foot depth and approximately 3,000 years old, it is desalinized through a state-of-the-art, double-pass, reverse osmosis system that gurantees purity while preserving natural nutrients and minerals. the price is unknown, it should be more expensive than nigari?

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