This Is The One (Utada)

This Is The One (Utada)

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I can’t believe that you & me are falling out of love
And everybody used to be so envious of us
Chemistry like apple and cinnamon
What we had was just too good… good to last

This Is The One | Utada (2009) ★★★★★
The second full-length english studio album from Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) under Island Records after the failure of her english debut ‘Exodus’ in 2004 (in fact, exodus album is one of my favorites! I guess because of its deep, complex and very futuristic sound in the album did not meet the mainstream standards.)

Hikki is now back with her new english album ‘This Is The one’ filled up with r&b, ballad, & contemporary tunes. This is a great comeback. all songs written and composed by utada hikaru, except “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI which Hikki uses samples of Sakamoto Ryuichi! (坂本龍)

In one word; the album is just splendid! every song is really really good. Hikki brilliantly delivers such a universal style of music yet sounds very unique in her own term.

  • chemistry like apple and cinnamon

  • ชอบแอปเปิลซินนามอนมากกกก

    แต่รวมๆแล้วรู้สึกพยายามเมนสตรีมอย่างที่ว่า เลยไม่รู้สึกเพราะทั้งอัลบั้มอย่างที่แล้่วๆมา สงสัยต้องรออัลบั้มภาษาญี่ปุ่นต่อไป

  • I’m waiting for this album. I’ll listen it tonight! Hikki is the most favorite singer for my ex-girlfriend. :)

  • ชอบเหมือนกันครับ ^^ โดยเฉพาะเพลง This One (Crying Like A Child) ครับ เมโลดี้สวยดี

  • That’s the way aha aha I like it aha aha
    Good stuff. [surprise]

  • Yes, I agree that the album is splendid. However, I think the lyrics are too cheesy for me. Well, may be I am getting too old for that kind of lyrics…

  • @sunny
    yea. it’s sad that she didn’t (or intended not to) use sophisticate lyrics like in her japanese album.

  • ฟัง Taking My Money Back แบบเพลินๆ ตอนทำงาน พอถึงช่วงกลางเพลงแอบงงว่าเพลงนี้มันเพลงอะไรกันเนี่ย [tongue]

  • ชอบมาก!

  • i like this her 2nd eng album more than the 1st one. every songs are worth listening. for me, hikki’s the best!

    m^_^m salute to hikki [twisted]

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