twisted vase

twisted vase

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i simply have no idea how these vases were made! but i sure think it’d be cool to have one of these on my desk. :) i really like the look of the vase, it does look like plastic vase with twists but it actually is glass! :shock:

these twisted vases were created by shan valla. she won the BDC new designer of the year award 2005 (the new designers awards, recognised as a key barometer of new design talent, with sponsored work placements and cash prizes totalling over £50,000 to be awarded to over 40 exhibiting graduates at new designers 2005 in july.)

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  • พนักงานธนาคารสีม่วง 2005.08.31 at 17:59

    งามแจ่มและเก๋จริงๆ นิ … :D

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