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21 tells the story of an mit senior student, ben who is accpeted into harvard medical school. unfortunately he cannot afford $300,000 tuition fee and expenses. so he applies for a scholarship but he is also facing fierce competition up against other well-qualified applicants who also have the same 4.0 gpa, unless he comes up with something dazzling different.

he is invited to join blackjack team, which every weekend they will go to vegas working together as a team to gain money from blackjack game at the casinos with the special trick called “counting” that allows them to know exactly which card is going to come out next. without much choices to choose, he agrees to join the team until he can make the money enough for his med school. but everything does not always go as planned, they are not the only people who know the trick.

the script is probably a problem here, it is like a teen drama flick in vegas. where are all the excitement and thrilling moments? no twist, everything is predictable. now i have no idea why i watched it.

★★★☆☆ acting
★★★☆☆ actors/casting
★☆☆☆☆ story
★★☆☆☆ music/sound effect
★★☆☆☆ direction/composition
★★☆☆☆ overall

movie: 21 | director: robert luketic | release: 2008

  • ดูขั้นเวลาสินะ

  • เป็นหนังที่ห่วยที่สุดที่ kevin spacey เคยแสดงหรือเปล่าก็ไม่รู้ เราดูเรื่องนี้บนเครื่องบินแล้วงงมากตอนนั้น ว่ามันหนังสร้างออกมาฉายจริงๆ หรือ หนังนักเรียนทำกันเองมาฝากสายการบินฉายให้หน่อย

  • เข้าโีรงในไทยนะ แต่ไม่ได้ไปดู [ouch]

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