24 day 3

24 day 3

150 150 *pradt

terrifyingly brilliant from the beginning to the end.

Three years have passed since the events of Day Two. A mysterious van deposits a dead body outside the LA Health Unit. That body is infected with a deadly virus.

i just spent the past sunday watching the last 12 episodes non-stop. this is definitely the best series i’ve ever watched. i won’t go into any details, you have to see it for yourself. :)

  • Hey bud. You thought Season 1 was good, Season 2 was the shit, Season 2 was brilliant? Season 4 is going to blow the first 3 out of the water. Enjoy it when you see it. Be safe.

  • oops. I meant : season 3 was brilliant? terrifyingly brilliant? season 4 is seriously going to make you go nuts. I assume that have already watched season 1 and 2… peace.

  • [surprise] hello mr. urb. haven’t heard from you for a big while. still busy? … yea, i will get season 4 very soon. [oops]

  • aren’t we all busy? :) get season 4 asap.
    if you can, get gnarles barkley : st. elsewhere
    it’s a good album. take care yo!

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