24 day 7

24 day 7

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just finished 24 day 7. it took me several days to finish! this is the 7th season of 24 series. this time there is no ctu as it was decommissioned by the government. and jack bauer is being questioned in a senate hearing regarding his illegal use of torture. during the session, the fbi discovers a plot to infiltrate america’s computer infrastructure after the head of security exper has been kidnapped to build a device that can bypass the government control and gain control of any machine connected to it. jack is enlisted to help the investigation because fbi has the evidence showing that the person in charge of the kidnapping and attacking is a former agent who is believed to be dead, tony almeida.

the script is great, the cast is brilliant.
actually 24 day 7 is almost as good as day 5.
24 day 8 is comin’ in january 2010.

last year, the empire ranked 24 as the sixth greatest television show of all time. (#1 is the simpsons, #2 is buffy the vampire slayer, #3 is the sopranos, #4 is the west wing, #5 is lost, #7 is friends, #8 is the wire, #9 is the x-files, and #10 is spaced. you can see the full list on empireonline.com


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