true love

true love

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they say it’s a river, that circles the earth. a beam of light shining to the edge of the universe. it conquers all, it changes everything.

some say love is caring for someone. caring is not love.
some say love is an infatuation. infatuation is bad.
some say love is combination of positive attributes. that is feeling.
some say love is beauty. beauty is not love.
some say love is eternity. that’s not love either.

true love is unconditional. but all love is conditional…
therefore true love does not exist.

is that logically true? :) :)

  • โอ้ จอช์จ นายพร่ำเพ้อเรื่องความรักเนี่ยนะ พระเจ้า!!!

  • Nothing is as big as your first love. 5555
    Unconditional love is what u can get from yr parents. So “true love does exist”.

  • There is no logic in love, thus true love is illogical.

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