Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen | Michael Bay (2009) ★★★½☆
two years after the events in transformers, the autobots have join forces with human military to combat with the decepticons hiding out on earth which keeps growing in numbers here and there across the globe.

the human leader is led to believe that the reason why decepticons are here is because they are trying to destroy autobots leader, optimus prime. but in fact decepticons are searching for something after allspark was destroyed, which will regain the power to decepticons and the fallen shall rise again.

revenge of the fallen is very entertaining in michael bay’s style. if you are looking for explosive destruction + thrill ride action chase sequence + swirling 360 degree camera + the clash of super robots, this film is for you! go catch it in cinema. if you are looking for good plot, this film doesn’t have it. although i really do enjoy the master & apprentice stuff they put into this film, it’s like “the matrix of star wars”, very amusing to me.

p.s.1 the imax cinema was totally filled up with audience, even the two front rows. i have no idea if those people could walk straight after watching the film.
p.s.2 there are six exclusive scenes available only in imax release.
p.s.3 autobots finally can fly! omg this is huge!