the princess and the frog

the princess and the frog

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ed catmull and john lasseter has brought ron clements and john musker, the directors of “the little mermaid” and “aladdin” to write and direct the new animated feature “the princess and the frog” which based loosely on e.d. baker’s book: the frog princess. we can expect broadway-style musical from randy newman, the composer behind five pixar films. the magic of disney will return… december 11, 2009!

  • Long long time ago… I’m waiting for watching this animation on Theater. [itongue]

  • Yahoo! The Real Disney is back after the end of Michael Eisner’s era.

    They change the storyline as usual, however, this time it’s similar to Shrek. Not quite exact look, just the surface that reminds me the storyline and gag of Shrek.

  • i prefer alan menken!!

  • @oakyman
    me too.
    but it looks like that john lasseter wants to bring something fresh to disney musical animated film. no idea if that’s a good thing though. just have to wait & see

  • actually i don’t quite like this type of Disney Cartoon but after watching the trailor, yep i’d like to see it! [twisted]

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