the only verdict is vengeance

the only verdict is vengeance

150 150 *pradt

the ingenious introductory dialogue of v in kinetic typography by chris silich
it’s as powerful as the film itself! wicked.

  • Flug Bangkok 2009.03.24 at 22:04

    The movie is so great. I love it. A friend recomanded the movie. I followed his advice and I was hooked.
    Isn’t the beginning more a monolog than a dialogue, if only V is talking?
    The typography is a fantastic art. I didn’t realize the first time all the Alliterations. My first thought watching the video was: Were there really so many words with “V” when I watched it? (I couldn’t listen to the sound, because I’m at work right now.)

  • escribitionist® 2009.04.01 at 15:08

    like it! not as simple as i see.. cool!

  • wow, that’s the longest alliteration I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing :)

  • oh god, a lot of v(s)……….. [mad]

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