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commercial artist david drayton’s house is hit by an unexpected violent storm. in the morning he and his family notice the unusual mist across the lake where his house resides. but he much more worries about the damage and cleaning the mess after the storm. so david, and his son, and his neighbor heading to town to get some supply and necessary stuff. surprisingly, there are lots of townspeople in the local grocery store, they are also stocking up food and supply as they expect that there might be more storm coming.

out of the blue, an old man comes rushing into grocery store with bleeding nose, yelling. he tells everyone that there is something dangerous in the mist and it just ate his friend. he advises everyone to stay put in the grocery store. unfortunately one man does not believe, he quickly runs towards the mist and disappear. followed by horrified scream, everyone now hears it clearly and realizes that there might be something unfriendly out there.

fear of the unknown is spreading faster than anyone could comprehend. a mother of two wants to get home because she left her kids alone. the mist has already clouded everyone’s mind. she fails to convince anyone to escort her home, then she leaves the grocery store by herself into the mysterious mist.

townspeople are now confusing, not knowing what to do. suddenly a deeply religious woman, mrs. carmody suggests that this is the sign of the judgement day. but of course, nobody believes that. most people think that she’s a lunatic. although she successfully gains her supporters little by little.

soon everyone is able to see for their very own eyes, that everything has happened according to mrs. carmody’s words who believes that she is the one who can communicating with god. driven by fear and confusion, people are starting to do something unthinkably malicious.

the mist is a film adaptation of a horror novella written by stephen king. this fim is directed by an american film director/screenwriter/producer, frank darabont who’s best known for the director of the shawshank redemption and the green mile. he also writes the screenplay himself.

frank darabont has successfully drawn the audience into the world of mist with stylish story-telling accompanied by haunting background music composed by mark isham, believable plot, great production, good script and captivating performance of the ensembles that simply sends shiver down your spine. i’d say this film could become an instant classic b-movie.

look no further, human is most dangerous being after all.
p.s. this movie is worth watching in the theatre and approximately a million times better than the fog

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★☆ actors/casting
★★★★☆ story
★★★★½ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★☆ overall

movie: the mist | director: frank darabont | release: 2007

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