the last airbender teaser

the last airbender teaser

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oh my god! [shock]
the first teaser from live action movie adapted from animated series, avatar the last airbender!

the film is directed by m. night shyamalan and scheduled to release in 2010, he also wrote the screenplay himself as usual based on original story by michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko.

the cast includes noah ringer as aang, the last airbender; nicola peltz as katara, the waterbender; jackson rathbone (from twilight) as sokka, and dev patel (from slumdog millionaire) as prince zuko, the firebender.

by looking at the first teaser, i can’t hardly wait for the movie! the scene with air temple panning out to the fleet of firebender army looks pretty spectacular. i hope this film is going to be amazing like the animation itself.


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