the dark knight

the dark knight

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i’ve seen a few films directed by christopher nolan. (if anyone of you haven’t seen memento, i strongly suggest that you must! not should, you have to!) and he has become one of my favorite directors.

his new film is the sequel to batman begins, titled “the dark knight.” after watching the trailer, i have to say that this might be another film by nolan that i would enjoy. so far, there is none of his films that i don’t like! personally i don’t prefer watching films about superheroes, but this one is an exception because it’s nolan’s.

it looks like heath ledger is able to pull joker role a lot better than i expect.
the dark knight is scheduled to release in july 2008.
…why so serious?

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  • Never even heard of the The Dark Knight here in Japan. :-(( Everything takes like forever to come. So I suppose we will only see this movie in Autumn, or evening the beginning of winter next year? Ye gods!

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