the best rpg

the best rpg

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best role playing game? well, i just can’t think of any role playing game but final fantasy vi. it is simply the best role playing game ever created on this planet. i’ve played hundreds of role playing games, nothing came near the absolute beauty of final fantasy vi! not even other parts in its own series. talking about final fantasy series, the releases before and after vi are just not so good when comparing to vi. let’s see…

ff i. the begining of fantasy. i didn’t finish it because the graphic is not so appealing.
ff ii. i didn’t finish it neither.
ff iii. this one is the best on famicom console.
ff iv. the story is good, i really when dark turns into light.
ff v. the most difficult in the series. so many skills to learn!
ff vii. it’s a bit too dark. and aeris died!
ff viii. yuck crappy love story?!, i know that square soft wanted to grap attention of some new players, well, it’s just crap for me.
ff ix. this one comes pretty close to ff vi.
ff x. this one has really good twisted storyline, i like it
ff x-2. what is it? i don’t know where to begin to describe this catastrophe!
ff xi. weird characters running the field online? no…
ff xii. i’ve been waiting…

at the bottom line i’d say, ff vi is just perfect combination of sound, graphic and incredible plot, c’est magnifique! the characters design is so amazing, they’re all designed by 天野 喜孝 (amano yoshitaka) the marvelous music in the game is composed by 植松 伸夫 (uematsu nobuo) he’s the man! i love every piece that he has written. hahaha. and not to forget the producer of final fantasy vi 坂口 博信 (sakaguchi hironobu) // if you never play this one, then you have missed something really good in your life. //

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    เอาฉันไปทำงานบ้านแทนละกัน ดีมะ =P

  • How about Final Fantasy VII? It’s the breakthrough of RPG genre on Sony’s PlayStation. The use of Polygon graphic at that time (almost ten years ago) stirred an attention of both gamers and outsider worldwide. The legacy of FF VII still remains and yet to be appreciated on the up-coming release of FF VII – Advent Children, the extraordinary spin-off from game to movie.

    Anyway, I agree with you on the point that, after FF III era, Square Soft and Final Fantasy became a household name for gamers. The sequels were getting better one after another. Even though the story-lines of some parts may not be appealing, it couldn’t be denied that the gaming system was evolving.

  • Oh, on the other notes, I just noticed that this “blog” changed all my typing of “Capital” letters to “lower-case” latter. Weird but Cool! 8)

  • ah, i forgot to mention ff vii indeed, lol
    i think this part is a bit too dark for me. and aeris died. why? why? why?
    nobody in main-charecters is supposed to be dead. it’s too tragic and unacceptable!
    anyway i’m also looking forward for advent children in september 14th 2005.

    and yea. i use stylesheet to force all letters to display in lower-case only. heheh.

  • the only FF serie I finished was FF VI, the only one in your heart. I agreed with all of your reasons above ‘cuz you introduced me this game.

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