thai romanization

thai romanization

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if you had studied phonetic for english when you were little, you may (or may not) notice that all the english names on road signs and government publications are written in a slight different way than what we used to know in phonetic pronunciation. if you don’t know the official transcription you might wonder why “คลองเตย” is written as “khlong toei” instead of “klong toei” or “phra ram 9” is actually pronounced as “pra ram nine” not “fa ram nine” or “จตุจักร” is supposed to be written as “chatuchak” not “jatujak

those signs and publication were written according to the royal thai general system of transcription (RTGS) which is the official system for rendering thai in the latin alphabet. this transciption was created to diffrentiate thai alphabets, though this transciption does not record the tone which a word should be pronounced (in thai language, a word with a different tone has a different meaning). short and long vowels are impossible to differentiate with this transcription either.

if you want to know more about how to romanize thai alphabets, you may visit thai royal institute (ราชบัณฑิตยสถาน) // principles of romanization is also available in pdf format.

  • On nuch คือ On Nut เท่ห์จริงๆประเทศชาตินี้ :-)

  • n-pat ถอดความได้ว่า เอ็นแป๊ะ
    [wat] ถอดความได้ว่า แว้ดดดดดด

    fa ram nine -_-‘ (เอฟเอ) อันนี้เอามาจากไหนเนี่ย
    พระ = phra

  • as i mentioned above. if you had studied english phonetic, you should already know that “ph” sound equals to “f” such as physic, dolphin, phamacy and philosophy :roll: this is called digraph (orthography) which is a pair of letters used to write one sound. and according to english digraph, “ph” corresponds to [f] (voiceless labiodental fricative). i did not study thai romanization when i was in school, so i have no idea that “ph” = “พ” or “ch” = “จ”

    is there any school in thailand teaching thai romanization?

  • pat อ่านว่า พัด
    wat อ่านว่า แว๊ด ต่างหาก

  • Thai language is unique among all other languages as it has a tone, using romanized letters couldn’t perfectly represent the pronunciation. In fact, each language has its own way to represent itself. The best we could do to transfer the words to those who are not familiar with the language is by following the system and rule accepted worldwide.

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  • @sunny; Chinese also tone 5 as the same. and also has her own romanizing called Pinyin.
    The problems only why ain’t they try to put the romanization to everyone to know?

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