sytycd5 w1

sytycd5 w1

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my favorite dance routines from top 20, so you think you can dance season 5 the first week.
i’d like to pick just one most favorite, but i can’t.
they’re so good this season!

[flv:sytycds05w01a.flv 549 300] jeanine mason & phillip chbeeb performs dance routine in hip-hop style, choreographed by tabitha d’umo & napoleon d’umo. the song is “mad” by ne-yo.
[flv:sytycds05w01b.flv 549 300] randi evans & evan Kasprzak dancing in jazz stle, choreographed by tyce diorio. the song is “i only have eyes for you” by jamie cullum.
[flv:sytycds05w01c.flv 549 300] caitlin kinney & jason glover, dancing in bollywood style, choreographed by nakul dev mahajan. the song is “jai ho” from the soundtrack slumdog millionaire.
[flv:sytycds05w01d.flv 549 300] ashley valerio & kupono aweau dancing in jazz style, choreographed by wade robinson. the song is “felt mountain” by goldfrapp.
[flv:sytycds05w01e.flv 549 300] melissa sandvig & ade obayomi dancinging in contemporary style, choreographed by mandy moore. the song is “right here waiting” by richard marx.
[flv:sytycds05w01f.flv 549 300] kayla radomski & max kapitannikov dancing in samba style, choreograhped by louis van amstel. the song is “jum bah day” from house of gypsies.

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2009.06.20 at 14:31

    #1 jeanine mason & phillip chbeeb almost made me shed a tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this style! i like the song and the dance wassssssssssssss sooo great! i can watch it again and again without getting bored. the rhythm i like! so lively that i was smiling (can i ovelry say that i was melting? lol) while watching them dancing!

    #5 melissa sandvig & ade obayomi were also great! พริ้วเหมือนผ้าปลิวเวลาลมพัดเย็นๆ เลยยยยยยยยยยยยยยย oh………. wowwwwwwww.. melting as well for this one!

    #6 is hot! hehehehehee.. :p

  • ชอบรายการนี้
    โหลดมาดูมั่งดีกั่ว อิอิ

  • #5 พริ้วเหมือนผ้า พูดแล้วเห็นภาพเลยครับ พริ้วจริงๆ คู่นี้ ชอบยิ่งนัก

    ส่วนคู่อื่นๆ ก็ชอบทั้งสิ้น เจ๋งแฮะ คนอ้วนเห็นแล้วอิจฉา 🙂

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