superflat first love

superflat first love

150 150 *pradt

superflat first love by takashi murakami for louis vuitton.
p.s. if you haven’t seen supeflat monogram, you can watch it here.
super pretty!

  • The Chris Show 2009.06.15 at 8:39


  • พอดูจบแล้วรีบหาเพลงประกอบอย่างทันทีทันใด [cry]

  • @eszett
    is it a new track from fantastic plastic machine ?

  • @wät
    yes, but song’s name still remains a mystery [ouch] hard to find.

  • @eszett
    probably it was made for this animated short and will be soon released after… like the song “different colors” used in superflat monogram

  • EscRiBiTioNiSt® 2009.06.20 at 10:30

    [razz] like it alot!

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