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SUPER 8 | J. J. Abrams (2011) ★★★★★
SUPER 8 brings us back to the early 80s, a train is derailed while a group of kids trying to make a film. It is a disastrous incident for a small town like Lillian in Ohio. Air Force military unit follows up to clean the mess. People, animals, and stuff begin to disappear without any explanation. The kids witness something was on board that train, and now it is out there.

SUPER 8 is the year’s most thrilling science fiction flick which brings back nostalgia with top-notch special effects, amazing sound effects, and heartfelt story. It has the sense of Spielberg’s magic combined with original J.J. Abrams’ script and spectacular explosive action sequence. Wonderful cast and believable performance, all add up to a brilliant cinematic experience. And that is what I called pure entertainment.

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