the force unleashed

the force unleashed

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the dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
it’s my birthday again. why i have to work on this day…
everyone should be allowed to take a day off on birthday!

anyway, i just stumbled upon this game from lucasarts, titled “star wars : the force unleashed” its trailer looks very promising. it’s been a long time since… well, i don’t remember the last time i like any games from star wars series. but this one definitely gets my attention. the story takes place between star wars episode iii : revenge of the sith and star wars episode iv : a new hope where you get a chance to control darth vader’s secret apprentice. what? darth vadar has an apprentice?, well it’s obvious that we don’t know because it’s a secret!

the secret apprentice is sent across the galaxy (far, far away) to terminate all remaining jedi knights. and according to steve sansweet, the force unleashed has some incredible revelations. i just can’t wait for that.

right now you can go to the official site for more information… actually there isn’t much because the game is still in production and scheduled to release some time in the second quarter of 2008, across platforms.


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