stage6 is shutting down

stage6 is shutting down

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just received this message from stage6 an hour ago.

I’m Tom (aka Spinner), a Stage6 user and an employee of DivX, Inc., the company behind the service. I’m writing this message today to inform you that we plan to shut down Stage6 on February 28, 2008. Upload functionality has already been turned off, and you’ll be able to view and download videos until Thursday.

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this is sad… [cry] [cry] [cry]
stage6 is one of my most favorite sites that provides very high quality of videos.

  • อ้าว ปัดโธ่

    เจอแหล่งใหม่แล้วบอกกันบ้างนะครับ [duh]

  • sorry061:
    vuze ก็พอถูไถนะ แต่ content เทียบไม่ได้กับของ stage6

  • แถวผมอยู่เคยโหลดได้ 1.5Mbps HTTP เห็นตัวเลขแล้วน้ำตาไหล ดู HD Streaming ได้สบายเลย

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