spending money = happiness

spending money = happiness

150 150 *pradt

just read about platinum clearance sale from this blog.
then i sneaked out of the office and went straight to platinum’s office located at 6th floor of q house ploenchit. (access via skytrain, ploenchit station, exit number 4)

every album goes for 100baht (including package with double cd, cd+dvd)
lots of genres including indie rock, pop, metal, jazz and light pop. if you don’t know what to buy, their staff can recommend and suggest the album that might suit your preference!
here’s my damage after visiting clearance sale; 29 31 albums 2,900 3,100 baht in total.

1. leah dizon – communication!!! (cd+dvd)
2. leah dizon – destiny line (cd+dvd)
3. leah dizon – love paradox (cd+dvd)
4. the peter malick group featuring norah jones (deluxe edition 2disc)
5. voxtrot – voxtrot
6. in season – seaons
7. jammin’zeb – smile
8. basement jack – the singles
9. william orbit – hello waveforms
10. beirut – gulag orkestar (2disc)
11. saint etienne – tales from turnpike house (2disc)
12. yoshitaka minami – romantico
13. fugu – as found
14. cat power – jukebox
15. mojave 3 – puzzles like you
16. vivaldi for meditation
17. mozart for meditation
18. bach for meditation
19. händel for meditation
20. hayato kaori – pluma
21. emilie-claire barlow – the very thought of you
22. emilie-claire barlow – like a lover
23. marilyn scott – nightcap
24. blonde redhead – 23
25. the paris match – our favorite pop
26. satoru shionoya – hands of guido
27. fried pride – two, too
28. fried pride – musicream
29. fried pride – milestone (2disc)
30. fried pride – that’s my way
31. kelly sweet – we are one

some of the cds i already bought and lost… so i had to buy them again (100 baht is too difficult to resist!)
these cds are somehow near the end of their selling contract. that’s why platinum has to put them on discount because all of these cds will later be taken and destroyed. ( isn’t that just sad? [cry] )
tomorrow (march 6, 2009) is the last day of clearance, their office opens from noon to 8:30 pm.
they also accept major credit cards, but with charges; 2% for kbank and 2.5% for the rest.
my suggestion is bring cash!

edited: 2009/03/05
added two cds; fugu – as found & saint etienne – tales from turnpike house (thanks to udom)


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