what’s better than sony dsc-t7? here comes sony dsc-t9 which is scheduled to release in january in usa. it looks smaller than t7 but t9 is a bit thicker. t9 weights 137 grams with ability to capture upto six megapixels resolution. t9 doesn’t come with 32mb memory-stick-pro-duo like previous models, instead it features 58mb internal memory with memory stick duo expansion slot.

the t9 is the first camera with a folded optics lens to have both image stabilization (which sony calls “super steadyshot”) and “high light sensitivity”. “super steadyshot” will shift the lens with two gyro-sensors that detects hand movement, and automatically calculates the compensation needed to provide a clear, crisp image. while “high light sensitivity” helps to lessen blurriness resulting from low-light conditions. the end effect is better-focused, expressive images that look more like the way you see them, imitating the human eye.

i believe t7′s price should be dropping soon when t9 releases. [ooo] (sonystyle america has set t9′s pre-order price equals to current t7′s price at this moment.)