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is it the adaptation of the game we used to play when we were little? this new japanese film is set to release next month. starring 仲間由紀恵 (nakama yukie) and オダギリジョー (odagiri joe). it reminds me of あずみ (azumi) except this one looks much better in many ways. :)

the year 1614, japan is finally a unified country under the first shogun, tokugawa. gennosuke of kohga and oboro of Iga, are the last hope of two isolated ninja villages wracked by endless tragedy and a cycle of revenge. the blessing of their love should have brought peace to the suffering people. however, the conspiracy brought by tokugawa once again tears the two villages apart. gennosuke constantly speaks in favor of peace, while oboro takes the choice to fight to resolve the conflict. the battle is set to fight off each other for their own existence.

for your information, shochiku co., ltd. has decided, for the first time in japanese cinema history, to make a public offering to fund the film. the lowest amount you can invest is 100,000 yen per unit/share (about 37,315 baht). investors’ benefits include: invitation to a special screening of the film; a special limited dvd; movie poster; extra promotional goodies like t-shirt, cap and towel; and a special dvd with the investor’s name inscribed.

you can visit the official site here. if you prefer to watch the trailer you can hit here (18.4mb) for large version or here (35.5mb) for high-difinition version (quicktime 7 is required for hi-def) the trailer looks promising and captivating except it features the song “heaven” by 浜崎あゆみ (hamakasi ayumi) in the last part. i know that she is the most famous singer in japan, but her music doesn’t suit this epic story at all. [sick]

  • นางเอกงดงามนี่นา (L)

  • I have seen Japanese Hand-bills since months ago. The production seems okay and the movie looks promising. Will it be screened in Bangkok? I doubt…

  • Queria ser esse filme irado continuace engual a Matrix mais q pena mais tudo bem d qualquer jeito ele bom flw…[razz]

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