i really, really want to see this film!
starring 成海璃子 (narumi riko) (you might recognize her from a memorable role as younger sister of 沢尻エリカ (sawajiri erika) from a very touching telelvision series titled 1リットルの涙.) this time she is accompanied by 松山ケンイチ (matsuyama kenichi) from 男たちの大和 yamato, but i guess he’s better known to the world’s audience as the mysterious detective L from the film, デスノート

in fact they both actually used to work together in 1リットルの涙 which matsuyama portrayed the role of aya’s beloved senpai for a short period of time.

神童 (shindo) is based on famous japanese manga under the same title in 1998 by 佐草晃 (saso akira). it’s a story about a piano prodigy (神童 literally means ‘wonder child’) named “uta” who could read the music before she could learn to speak but she has no intention of making it good. then she meets “wao”, who wants to enroll in an art to study piano but he’s not good at it at all.

i did not read the rest, because i believe it might be better to let myself sink into the story and classical music in the theatre. yep, this film is scheduled to release in thailand on september 20, 2007.


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