sex and the tiida

sex and the tiida

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nissan tiida’s australian tv ads starring kim cattrall, actress best known for her role as samantha jone from the famous hbo series “sex and the city.” each spot features sexy dialogue and cattrall’s hysterical giggle. (if you’ve watched the series, you’d know exactly what i mean) all three spots can be viewed at youtube as follows :
«show room» | «phone call» | «hump»
however it seems that these ads just have been taken off the air by nissan itself, and they can no longer be found on nissan’s website either. it’s possible that women are frightened to get a tiida after watching these spots.

  • I really like Kim Cattrall, you can see that she is wonderful in this ads. Anyway, nissan car also look cool for me even in this ads na. I’m not that frightened hahaaaaa. from ads in here, nissan car is able to open her roof top very fast na. and again, woman drive this car,small, cool color and so hip. ^^

  • when I talked with a girl who is the fan of this series, she said that all 4 heroine represent each type of girl. Samantha type may be rare and her character may overacting, but that what tv series should be.

  • Kim’s personality as Samantha Jones in the series is the most outstanding among four of them. [cool] I believe everyone can remember “Samantha”. But not all can even remember the rest of the characters’ name. Good Work!! Tiida [tongue]

  • yep, i had a chance to watch this ads here (TAS) [razz]

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