japanese press has reported that 坂井泉水 (sakai izumi), lead singer of zard passed away on may 27th, 2007 after a fall at keio university hospital, which she had been hospitalized for cervical cancer since june 2006. there is no confirmation whether it was an actual accident or she intended to jump off.

zard made their debut in 1991 with a single “good-bye my loneliness”. originally there were 5 members but after years later, izumi sakai was the only one left in the group and continued releasing albums under the name ‘zard’. she wrote her own lyrics for almost every song in zard’s albums, some of her songs were used in famous animation such as, dragon ball gt and detective conan. so far, there are 40 singles and 16 albums released under the name zard. zard is considered as one of the most successful japanese artists in the 90s with 11 singles and 9 albums that reached #1 spot on oricon chart.

may she rest in peace and live forever in our hearts.