riceboy sleeps

riceboy sleeps

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riceboy sleeps is the debut album by jónsi birgisson, the lead vocal of icelandic post-rock band sigur rós and his boyfriend alex somers with collaboration of the string quartet amiina and and the kópavogsdætur choir. together they create acoustic ambient music which tends to sound more ethereal and experimental.

their debut album, riceboy sleeps is scheduled to release on july 20, 2009. the special limited release of 3,500 box sets is available for pre-order on their website jónsi and alex for $35.

each box set includes, one cd album + one additional bonus cd of the composition “all animals” + 40-page-colouring book of original drawings by jónsi and alex + a set of seix wooden coloured pencils + the original riceboy sleeps colour illustrated featuring orginal artwork (2nd edition), and a badge.

if you place the pre-order online you will get an immediate download of bonus disc ‘all animals’ containing 33 minutes of additional music) or you can sign up with your email and instantly download an amazingly beautiful song, “boy 1904” from their debut album for free!


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