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20 ways to calm down your noisy neighbours! the revenge cd and earplugs. if you’ve got the neighbours from hell it’s all very well asking them to keep the noise down, but how often does that work? the best antidote to their unholy racket is to make sure the din coming from your house or flat is worse. this cd is packed with 20 annoying noises and sound effects, just pick a favourite, click repeat on your cd player, and stick in the earplugs that come with it. :razz:

this is nice. it’s such an evil item made for torturing human’s mind. i defenitely want one! :) :) :)

tracks include: 1. drill 2. party (at least 200 people) 3. orgasm (outstanding) 4. train 5. drum (played by a child) 6. inhuman screams 7. walking (high heels) 8. domestic squabble 9. doors banging 10. bowling 11. unhappy dog 12. practicing scales (violin) 13. traffic jam 14. garbage truck 15. newborn (baby’s screaming) 16. phone ringing 17. ball game 18. pigeons 19. spring cleaning 20. cock-a-doodle-doo!

does anyone has an mp3 version? :) :) wishingfish is selling revenge cd for $18

  • I wonder what track 3 – orgasm (outstanding) sounds like… That should be pain-in-the-ass annoying if you have to hear it over and over again. :evil:

  • I think track 3 is the most interesting track on this album. Sounds like everyone will stop, keep their mount shut, and stay quietly listen to this track but i’m not sure I can walk outside again.

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