i just downloaded a movie from bittorent, the file looks different from other popular video formats. it comes with an extension “.ratDVD” so i did a quick googling and found that this format is quite popular. [shock]

ratDVD takes a full featured DVD and puts it into a highly compressed .ratDVD container format file while preserving all the features of the original DVD such as anamorphic picture, seamless branching, multiple video angles, multiple audio channels, subpictures, complete menus, navigation and features.

basically ratDVD puts everything from DVD into a highly compressed container which be converted back into its orginal state for later use. it can compress 3.8gb DVD into 1.89gb ratDVD container. ratDVD is playable on computer (for the moment, only win2k and winxp are supported) [ismile] you also need speedy cpu to play. this is quite good for dvd sharing on the internet. and i did try to unwrap the 1.89gb container, it took around 10 hours on athlon xp2000+ 1.66GHz to decode ratDVD back to original DVD format. [sick] [sick]