пультиус & матрешкус

пультиус & матрешкус

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i am sorry, this entry is going to be quite “long”.

i know that i have mentioned art. lebedev studio, one of my favorite design firms so many times already.
here are two of their new products that catch my eyes as usual.

on the left it’s a genuine remote control called “пультиус” (pultius) with almost 20 inches in length. this thing can be programmed to record 399 channels. the good thing is, this remote control will not be lost easily like other remote controls that usually are able hide themselves between cushions on your couch.

on the right, it’s a set of matryoshka dolls (матрёшка) for geek! this one is called “матрешкус” (matryoshkus), a set of six traditional russian dolls includes bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte figures.

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