taken from one of saranont‘s projects in spring 2004, this piece is interesting indeed. a “thing” that we can carry around with us. a “thing” that can build a personal space anywhere, anytime.

the original idea is “human is the most important factor in any habitats, habitats cannot illustrate their value if nobody utilizes it. the concept of this habitat is to use human body as a part of its structure. if nobody is inside, this habitat would collapse and become just a junk. on the other hand, if we dwell in it and use our body as a part of its structure, this junk cardboard can provide a flexible personal space for us. form and space of this habitat can be adjusted to many patterns depending on different activities.”

what if it is to be produced in the future? what meterial should be used? something lightweight and not look too weird when carrying? i wish it could be smaller, lol. somebody should invent material which when you put a drop of water on, it can populate molecules and enlarge itself with the exact same proportion! :)